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Party Poker to Drop Palladium Elite VIP Level


Party Poker announced that they will drop their highest VIP tier after March 31, 2013. The Palladium Elite tier will disappear and from then on Palladium will be the highest tier. This means that the highest rakeback percent available on the network will be 30% as opposed to 50% like it is today. This will only affect players that average more than $8,333 in rake per month. All other players will be unaffected.

Party Poker has stated that they will create more promotions for lower volume players in an attempt to help lower volume players stay in the game longer. These promotions have yet to be announced.

This is one of many changes Party Poker has made in the past year to help their poker ecology. They removed Bad Beat Jackpot tables and also removed the highest limits to try and help players avoid fast bust outs.

This migration of bwin players seems to be partly to blame for this change. The network traffic skyrocketed after the bwin move to the Party Network. For a brief time the network overtook Full Tilt Poker for the second largest online poker network. The bwin poker room was also the group that introduced the Essence rake formula to the Ongame Network, their previous home. This formula gives more rake and points to losing players than winning players. It was expected that something similar could find its way to the Party Network eventually.

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