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Grandfathered Coral Poker Rakeback


Are you a former Coral Poker or Eurobet player? You might want to pay attention to this. Sometime in mid to late September, the poker room will be moving to the iPoker Network. As a special promotion, you can receive 30% grandfathered rakeback when they move to iPoker!

How do you do this?

If you are a former Coral Poker or Eurobet player who registered through RakeTracker you can receive rakeback by following the instructions for your situation.

Coral Poker players: You are almost ready to go. To receive rakeback once they move to the new network, simply use your current log-in details once Coral Poker moves to iPoker to automatically receive 40% rakeback, paid monthly by Coral Poker to your Coral Poker account..

Former Eurobet Players: Eurobet merged with Coral Poker many months ago, but you are still eligible for grandfathered rakeback. To receive rakeback when they move to iPoker, you will need to create an account at Coral Poker through RakeTracker before they move to iPoker. Make sure to contact RakeTracker with your old Eurobet username/information as well as new Coral Poker information to ensure you are set up correctly. Let us know you would like 40% rakeback on Coral Poker once they move.

Sign-Up today at Coral Poker!.

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